Village People

Village People are on the Internet at, and Facebook. The one-of-a-kind Village People is synonymous with dance music.  These six talented men combine energetic choreography with outrageous fun and lots of bumping and grinding, singing and dancing, provide great entertainment for all!

In September 2008, Village People finally received a “Star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – between Betty Grable and Liberace!  And the same year, they were entered into the Guinness Book of World Records when over 44,000 people danced the “YMCA” dance at one time.

Celebrating over 34 years as the world’s disco icons, Village People in just the last few years alone performed a full schedule of fairs, festivals, universities and casinos throughout the United States as well as Canada, Brazil, France, South Africa, Finland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, England, Romania, Australia, Japan and Poland. 

Biggest Hit Records: “YMCA”, “Macho Man”, “In The Navy”, “Can’t Stop the Music”, “Go West”, “San Francisco/Hollywood”.  “YMCA” is to date their best selling single, amassing sales of over 15 million units worldwide (4 million in the US).  Their catalog of combined LP’s and singles has topped 100 million in worldwide sales.

 Village People are Ray Simpson (Cop & lead singer), Alexander Briley (G.I./Military), Felipe Rose (Native American Indian), David Hodo (Construction Worker), Jeff Olson (Cowboy) and Eric Anzalone (Biker). 

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