Captain Sensible

Quite possibly the only man in popular music history to have made a red beret and sunglasses his trademark image and still remained disgustingly fashionable, The Captain has a rich career history spanning thirty five years, during which he has performed on and co-written some of the most iconic records of the modern era.

Sensible‘s first solo release came in 1978 with the single “Jet Boy, Jet Girl”, recorded while The Damned were on hiatus. He followed this in 1981 with an EP on Crass Records. He signed to A&M Records and had a UK No.1 hit in 1982 with a cover of “Happy Talk”, the Rodgers and Hammerstein song from South Pacific. It featured backing by Dolly Mixture and a band including Robyn Hitchcock on guitar. Other songs from the 1982 album Women and Captains First which became hits in the UK and various European countries were “Wot?”, “One Christmas Catalogue” and anti-Falklands War “Glad It's All Over”. 

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