Claudia Brücken

British Electric Foundation were formed in 1980, the brain child of Martyn Ware (The Human League and Heaven 17) the group showcases a variety of different musical artists performing classic songs with an electronic slant.

‘British Electric Foundation are proud to present a unique and exciting performance at the Rewind Festival featuring legendary artists.’

Martyn Ware has produced and performed Human league, Heaven 17 and British Electric Foundation over a career spanning over 35 years. He has now assembled a stellar line-up featuring the full Heaven 17 band performing songs made famous by the stars themselves and cover versions in the inimitable BEF electronic pop style - featuring Glen Matlock, Claudia Brücken, Heaven 17’s Glenn Gregory, Jaki Graham, Kim Appleby, Joy Divisions Peter Hook, Jilted John, Rozalla, Owen Paul and The Farm’s Peter Hooton.

Claudia Brücken’s illustrious career began in 1984 as the lead singer, and one quarter of the cult glam-goth electro- group, Propaganda. Produced by Trevor Horn and Stephen Lipson, their ZTT debut album ‘A Secret Wish’, is generally considered to be one of the decades finest, a definitive electronic music masterpiece of extravagant, surreal songs of intimacy and intrigue. It was very unusual in the electro-pop weighted early 80s, for there to be a female singer in a techno band, so the combination of Claudia and Susanne Freytag gave a female kick to the boys own world of machine tooled pop. 

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