Status Quo

In their 48 year history, it is estimated that QUO have played over 6000 live shows to a total audience in excess of 25 million people. In doing so, the band has travelled some four million miles and spent 23 years away from home. They have had 43 hit albums (27 studio albums of new material, 11 compilations, 5 live albums) in the British Albums Chart; more than any other band apart from The Rolling Stones.

Quo are now made up of Francis Rossi alongside keyboard player Andrew Bown (since 1976), bassist John ‘Rhino’ Edwards [1986] and drummer Leon Cave [2013] and Richie Malone. 

AQUOSTIC II – THAT’S A FACT was released in October 2016 as a 2CD, Deluxe and Vinyl with 14 reimagined Quo classics such as ‘In The Army Now’, ‘Hold You Back’, ‘Roll Over Lay Down’, ‘Ice In The Sun’ and two brand new tracks.  

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