The Christians

Described by The Mirror as “arguably the best voice in pop”  Garry Christian is both “the face” and “the voice” of THE CHRISTIANS...another Liverpool success story emerging in the late 80s - renowned for their endless string of soul-inspired hits and often described as a later-day TEMPTATIONS IN RIPPED JEANS …Their first album THE CHRISTIANS exploded onto the scene with hits like ”Forgotten Town”, “Born Again”, “When the Fingers Point”, “Ideal World”, “The Bottle”, ‘Father’, “Perfect Moment”, “What’s in a Word”, “Harvest for the World' and the haunting 'Words”, to name but a few…Their 2nd album COLOUR knocked Phil Collins off the number one spot! ...often forgotten until you hear the songs and remember how much you loved them!  In 2012 THE CHRISTIANS celebrated their 25 year anniversary with Deluxe packaging and rerelease of their iconic eponymous album THE CHRISTIANS and Autumn 2015 saw the launch of a brand new studio album ‘WE’. 

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